Approval plans

Approval Plans

Our flexible approval plan services are designed to enrich library collections, helping libraries provide an up-to-date and comprehensive range of books and music scores to their patrons, while saving our customers time and effort.

"UIUC is a large academic research library and here in Acquisitions, we value highly the work accomplished by HARRASSOWITZ in support of our large blanket order plans. HARRASSOWITZ does a terrific job in helping us acquire the best new academic monographs in German as well as covering in depth coverage for music scores. HARRASSOWITZ simply equates to a trusted brand name for excellent service and exceptionally well managed client order tracking. We know they get it right."

Lynn Wiley, Head of Acquisitions and Associate Professor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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Our Approval Plan staff undergo extensive training before taking on full selecting responsibilities and our customers benefit from their in-depth knowledge and experience of:

Our staff as a whole speak a total of 20 languages and all are fluent in English, communicating whenever possible in the publisher's and customer's native language.

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