Return Policy for Books and Music Scores

HARRASSOWITZ accepts returns for:

Damaged material

If a shipment shows outward signs of damage, we ask that you not accept the material at all.

If you do not accept a package, the delivery service will return it to us. HARRASSOWITZ will then supply undamaged items without charge.

If you do accept a damaged package, or if you first discover damage after accepting it, we must receive a report of the damage within 5 days, along with a list of the damaged items and pictures of the box and the items. After 5 days HARRASSOWITZ cannot collect insurance for any damaged goods, so it is crucial that damage reports are filed as quickly as possible. If we receive this report more than 5 days after receipt, we cannot guarantee a full replacement or refund.

Please send damage reports to

Defective material

Material that is found to be defective is eligible for replacement without any time restriction. Please contact, describing the details of the problem. HARRASSOWITZ will notify you if the item itself or just the title page needs to be returned in order to receive a replacement. Please include a copy of all correspondence with any returned material.

Material supplied in error

HARRASSOWITZ does not expect payment for material supplied in error. Please contact to report material supplied in error, and to find out if the material needs to be returned. Please include a copy of all correspondence with any returned material, and indicate if you prefer a refund or a credit.

Material sent on an Approval Plan and rejected by the library

Please print and append the Book Approval Return Memorandum or Music Approval Return Memorandum when returning these items. Detailed responses will guide HARRASSOWITZ staff in adjusting your Approval Plan to avoid future returns. Rejected material should be returned within three months of the invoice date.

General Return Guidelines

Except for items that arrive at the library in damaged condition, material must be received by HARRASSOWITZ in an unmarked and resalable condition to be eligible for full credit or refund.

Please pack carefully when returning material. We cannot accept items for credit that are damaged due to insufficient packing. The library should obtain receipts for return shipments, in case any of them do not arrive.

All returns should be sent in a timely manner to:

Booksellers and Subscription Agents
Kreuzberger Ring 7 c-d
65205 Wiesbaden, Germany

HARRASSOWITZ does not accept returns for:

Thank you for your cooperation. Please contact with any questions or concerns.

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