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About Fokus

Fokus, the HARRASSOWITZ system for acquisition and management of scholarly resources allows customers to stay fully informed and up-to-date on all matters pertaining to their orders through HARRASSOWITZ.

Free of charge to HARRASSOWITZ customers and continually updated and enhanced in response to our customers’ needs. Fokus is password protected and a variety of user permissions allow a customizable display.

Search & Discovery

  • Easy searching of the entire HARRASSOWITZ database of more than 4 million titles, covering subscriptions, standing orders, monographs, databases, and music scores.
  • Comprehensive range of search parameters including: title, ISSN, vendor title number, invoice number, key word, title begins with, publisher, frequency, publication type, medium, publication status, year publication started, country of publication, language, LC subject, LC class, fund, purchase order number, HARRASSOWITZ order & title identifiers, publisher IDs, and others.
  • Also covering music scores from Europe, Asia, and Oceania
  • Access bibliographic information, including subject classification, prices, dispatch information, media, e-resource related information, license details and availability
  • Export and share title information with other users of the same institution

Subscription Management

  • Quickly access orders and claims through an intuitive interface designed to deliver an efficient procurement experience
  • Review components of memberships and packages
  • Claim electronic access and print issues
  • Review library notifications
  • Analyze and export comparison of package content (overlap and transfers in and out of packages)
  • Renew subscriptions online through Fokus Online Renewal Management
  • Request and schedule management reports
  • Manage e-resource-related data via the E-Resource Profile
  • View and export extended license information

Monographic Services

  • Quickly access orders through an intuitive interface designed to deliver an efficient procurement experience
  • Pre-order selection
  • Entering orders, with provision for local library information
  • Checking status of orders and approval plan titles
  • Check shipping status

New Title Announcements & Approval Plans

  • Easily review titles selected for the HARRASSOWITZ New Title Announcements
  • View & Download of profiles
  • View & Download author and composer lists

And more…

  • Access financial information including PDFs of invoices and credits
  • Manage library contacts
  • Manage Institutional Profiles, including Invoicing and Shipping Addresses, Pricing Profile, and Invoicing Profile

Need Help?

  • Any questions can be sent to or submitted via the feedback form inside Fokus.
  • Depending on your query, our Central Services Team or specialists from individual departments will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Online video tutorials are available in Fokus, and additional training is provided by our Sales Teams.
  • Technical problems will be taken care of immediately by our IT Development colleagues.
  • To set up your Fokus account, please complete the request form.

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