Fokus - New Online Account

To request an Fokus account for your library, please fill in the blanks below and click on "submit request" at the end of the form. A representative from HARRASSOWITZ will contact you when your account has been set up.

The Fokus library coordinator is the main contact between the library and HARRASSOWITZ in all matters relating to Fokus. The coordinator is responsible for maintaining the Fokus account, including setting up usernames for library staff who will use the system and customizing the library's Fokus user interface. In addition, the coordinator will receive email messages regarding enhancements to the system and any downtime notices.

The new account will be activated with only the Fokus library coordinator's username and password. At that point you will be able to login to Fokus and set up the usernames for other staff in your library. You will receive detailed instructions for setting up the new usernames.

If your library already has an Fokus account, please do not use this page to request new usernames. The Fokus library coordinator can login to Fokus and create new usernames.

Coordinator information

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