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Dorsch – Lexikon der Psychologie Now Available Online:

HARRASSOWITZ is pleased to announce that Dorsch – Lexikon der Psychologie (ISBN: 978-3-456-85234-8) is now available online.

Referred to as the “Dorsch” (after its publisher, Friedrich Dorsch), the Dorsch – Lexikon der Psychologie is a standard work on the basics, concepts, and terminology of psychology. The 16th edition, first released August 13, 2013, includes 13,000 keywords by over 500 authors from all areas in the field of psychology. The publication of the 16th edition was overseen by a dedicated editor as well as 19 leading subject experts.

Interested customers can either purchase the book along with 2-year access to the online portal or subscribe to just the electronic version.

For further details, including price information, please contact or your Regional Sales Manager.

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