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New Management Reports for Books and Music Scores via OttoEditions

We would like to draw your attention to our New Management Reports for books and music scores that can be requested in OttoEditions.

The Monographic Expenditure Report summarizes library expenditures for books and music scores, both firm orders and approval plan selections, based on the invoice date. In addition to the actual data, we can provide analyses based on the following parameters: customer code, LC class, HARR subjects, fund code, language(s), country of publication, and year of publication.

The Monographic Orders List shows all order records based on the customer’s order dates. Customers can choose between a Monographic Order List of all open orders and a Monographic Order List that shows both open and invoiced orders.

Each report is customized according to the following criteria:

Customers with current report schedules will be migrated to the New Monographic Management Reports as of July 1, 2016 based on their schedules, the report type, and analysis criteria.

To learn more about our New Monographic Management Reports, to request a one-time report or to set up a scheduled report, please log in to OttoEditions and click “Management Reports” or

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