FTP Service Request Form for Publishers:

FTP services are used to exchange ICEDIS files with publishers. HARRASSOWITZ will create the directories for your FTP activities and upon login, the system will automatically connect you to the correct directory.

To further protect your data, HARRASSOWITZ recommends using Secure FTP (SFTP) protocol.

For questions, please contact subscriptions@harrassowitz.de.

Please confirm that you want to set up a SFTP directory with HARRASSOWITZ and complete all necessary data before submitting to us.

 SFTP (Secure FTP)

I would like to be provided with data / documents via HARRASSOWITZ's SFTP access, as well as being able to upload data by myself.
I am aware that the access data is set up by Otto Harrassowitz GmbH & Co. KG on their server and can only be changed by me on request.
HARRASSOWITZ does not operate as an Internet Service Provider. A use of my access by HARRASSOWITZ is excluded.

Contact for establishing and maintaining FTP Services:

Please choose your username and password below.
The password should be at least 8 characters long, and should contain at least 3 of the following: upper-case letter, lower-case letter, number and special character.

Please make sure to remember your password for later use.

Please use a strong password.
Please make sure your password matches.
Password strength

Please let us know the specifics of the files you want to receive:

File Contents

IP addresses?    yes   no
Minimum amount of orders included in file?    yes   no

Should we sort files according to title versions?
    yes   no
Should we sort files according to currency?    yes   no
Should we sort files according to full rate/ DDP / consortia?
    yes   no
Other preferences for sorting?    yes   no

Renewals / New Orders

Split renewals and new orders?    yes   no
Send Renewals through file?    yes   no
Send New orders through file?    yes   no

Send files throughout the year for non-calendar-year subscriptions?    yes   no

File Submission

Test-file required?    yes   no


Will you provide a Publisher To Agent File?    yes   no

Separate list of end user addresses needed?    yes   no

 I agree to the privacy policy of HARRASSOWITZ.