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Did you know that Fedex® tracking numbers are available in Fokus for HARRASSOWITZ shipments to your library?

Fokus, the HARRASSOWITZ system for acquisition and management of scholarly resources, enables you to track down the status of your order and find out whether a title will soon be shipped or is already in transit to your library.

Titles that will soon be packed and shipped to your library can be identified within the Ready to be supplied folder – this includes monographic and standing order titles, as well as subscriptions which are delivered with consolidated shipment from our headquarters.

After being handed over to our shipping partners, a title will remain in the Shipments in Transit folder for three weeks to indicate which shipments are currently on their way or should have recently been delivered.

For Fedex® shipments, you have direct access to the tracking numbers inside the detailed order records – if available you will see a blue truck icon which leads you to the package tracking.

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