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Did You Know That Statista Now Provides Over 1 Million Statistics From Over 18,000 Sources?

Statista, a HARRASSOWITZ partner since December 2011, provides customers with access to over 1 million statistics from thousands of subject fields. With an initial focus on Europe and the United States, Statista now also covers China and Great Britain and includes information from more than18,000 renowned business and public information sources, 10,000 market studies, and 1,000 industry reports produced by Statista’s  own  analysts. Statistical data can be downloaded instantaneously and is exportable as JPEG, PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint. Access to the Statista database is available on an annual subscription basis, with prices based on FTE count. Invoicing and other administrative services are provided by HARRASSOWITZ.

If you are attending ALA, please visit the HARRASSOWITZ booth (nos. 1650 and 1651) to find out more.  If not, please contact or your Regional Sales Manager to request more information and set up a trial.

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