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Did You Know That HARRASSOWITZ Maintains a List of 20th and 21st Century Composers?

HARRASSOWITZ maintains (and regularly updates) a list of 20th and 21st Century composers that is being used as the basis for selecting materials for our customers’ contemporary music scores approval plan. The list consists of three categories:

The categories are determined by: the prominence of the composer’s publisher, the frequency of performances and recordings of the composer’s work, the prizes, awards, and commissions received by the composer, and the composer’s coverage in the musicological literature. The updated list of 20th and 21st Century composers is available in OttoEditions, the HARRASSOWITZ online management system for managing book and music score acquisitions. The list may be accessed by clicking the hotlink Music Scores Approval and New Title Announcement Program within the Approval Gateway. Changes made from last year are clearly marked with NEW next to composers’ names.

For questions about OttoEditions or the Music Scores Approval Plan, please contact your Regional Sales Manager or

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