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About OttoEditions

OttoEditions, HARRASSOWITZ's online system for managing book and music score acquisitions.

Our customers consistently identify us as an industry leader in terms of the quality, accuracy and speed of our customer service and often refer to our service as the Gold Standard in information supply.

OttoEditions supports the following activities in the acquisitions workflow:

  1. Easy searching of the entire HARRASSOWITZ database of 2 million titles, covering monographs and music scores from German-speaking countries and Continental Europe
  2. Also covering music scores from Europe, Asia, and Oceania
  3. Easy review of titles selected for the HARRASSOWITZ New Title Announcements
  4. Pre-order selection
  5. E-mailing of title information to colleagues
  6. Entering orders, with provision for local library information
  7. Program E-mailing of title information to colleagues
  8. Checking status of orders and approval plan titles
  9. Customized displays and local data elements

Also available from HARRASSOWITZ:

  1. MARC 21 records for titles ordered or selected in OttoEditions, suitable for loading into the local library system
  2. Approval plan profiles online, through OttoEditions
  3. Author lists for the Contemporary German Belles Lettres Program, also through OttoEditions
  4. Composer lists for the 20th and 21st century segment of the HARRASSOWITZ music scores approval plan, through OttoEditions
  5. E-slips, notifications of new publications, delivered by e-mail, with links to the OttoEditions order form

OttoEditions is password-protected and is available to all registered HARRASSOWITZ customers. To apply for an OttoEditions account, please contact

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