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HARRASSOWITZ E-Stats for Libraries



HARRASSOWITZ E-stats service harvests your library’s COUNTER usage statistics from publishers’ websites and consolidates them into a single COUNTER-style report and, most significantly, adds acquisitions information, including cost, for each subscription managed by HARRASSOWITZ.


AVAILABLE NOW  -  Usage data from E-Stats reports and cost per download calculations are now included in OttoSerials Renewal Management.


HARRASSOWITZ E-Stats reports include the following features:

  1. COUNTER-style Excel spreadsheets including statistics from multiple platforms, and separate reports for non-COUNTER usage data

  2. Separate reports for journals, databases and e-books

  3. Acquisitions information for all subscriptions handled by HARRASSOWITZ, including PO number, fund code, current order status

  4. Cost data for all subscriptions handled by HARRASSOWITZ, both the base price and the amount invoiced
  5. Annotations clearly indicating when a title has been ordered as part of a package or combination, giving the library the best possible picture of the cost per resource

Libraries may also request the addition of acquisitions and cost data to their previously consolidated reports and to have these reports uploaded into OttoSerials Renewal Management.

Libraries may include as many platforms as they wish in their HARRASSOWITZ E-Stats service.  Reports can be produced annually, semi-annually or quarterly.

Please contact service@harrassowitz.de or your Regional Sales Manager to request a price quote for HARRASSOWITZ E-Stats for your library, or complete the E-Stats Quote Form. Sample reports are available upon request.



Q:          What is a platform?

A:           A platform is a system that delivers content to end users. Some publishers support their own platforms; for example, Elsevier ScienceDirect. Some platforms host journals from multiple publishers; for example HighWire Press and Atypon Link.  Some platforms aggregate content from multiple publishers into a single database; for example, OVID and ProQuest.  Each platform counts usage statistics for all resources that are hosted on it and each counts as a single platform for HARRASSOWITZ E-Stats purposes.

Q:          For which platforms can HARRASSOWITZ consolidate usage statistics?

A:           HARRASSOWITZ can consolidate usage statistics for any publisher that is compliant with Release 2 or 3 of the Code of Practice for Journals.  A list of COUNTER-compliant platforms can be found on the COUNTER website. Section 1 lists journal and database compliance.

Q:          How can a library tell how many platforms to request statistics for?

A:           There are several places to look:

  1. Compare the platforms on which you have activated your e-journal subscriptions to the list of platforms on the COUNTER website.

  2. Export a list of platforms from your link resolver or ERMS.
  3. HARRASSOWITZ can supply a list of your subscriptions with platform information, but it is still necessary to note which platforms have been activated, because some e-journals are available on multiple platforms.

Q.          Does HARRASSOWITZ require that usage statistics be available in SUSHI format in order to consolidate them?

A.           No, HARRASSOWITZ requires only that the statistics be available as COUNTER-style spreadsheets.

Q:          In the HARRASSOWITZ E-Stats report, what does the “Amount invoiced” column represent?

A:           The “Amount invoiced” is the total amount invoiced by HARRASSOWITZ during the subscription year, including all charges and credits.

Q:          In the HARRASSOWITZ E-Stats report, what does the “Price” column represent?

A:           The “Price” is the base price without any service charge.  The base price is either the publisher’s announced price or the price that was negotiated between the library and the publisher.

Q:          If a publisher has not posted its usage statistics in a timely fashion, how long does HARRASSOWITZ keep checking to find them?

A:           Generally, HARRASSOWITZ will keep checking until the statistics appear.  If the statistics are greatly overdue, HARRASSOWITZ will contact the publisher to determine the problem.  The COUNTER Code of Practice specifies that usage statistics should be posted within 4 weeks of the end of the reporting period.

Q:          Can HARRASSOWITZ report cost information for subscriptions ordered directly from a publisher, or through other agents?

A:           HARRASSOWITZ can do this, if the library supplies the cost information to be included in the consolidated report.  Please contact service@harrassowitz.de if you wish to pursue this option.

Q:          Can HARRASSOWITZ consolidate statistics for libraries without adding acquisitions data (for example, for libraries that are not customers of HARRASSOWITZ)?  If so, how much does this service cost?

A:           Yes.  HARRASSOWITZ can perform the harvesting and consolidation of usage statistics without adding acquisitions information.  Please contact service@harrassowitz.de or complete the E-Stats Quote Form to obtain a price quote.




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