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HARRASSOWITZ supplies music scores from Europe, North America, the Middle East, the Far East, and Oceania, as firm orders, standing orders, or approval plans. Books about music are available through HARRASSOWITZ’s monographic acquisitions services.

The Music Scores Approval Plan provides a detailed checklist of selection parameters, including type of music, period of composition, instrumentation, selection depth, and composer.

The New Title Announcements Program allows libraries to receive electronic notifications based on a New Title Announcements Profile defined by the library.

Duplication control is provided against existing HARRASSOWITZ standing orders, approval plans, and firm orders previously supplied to the library. Please review our Return Policy.

OttoEditions, the HARRASSOWITZ online management system for monographs and music scores, allows libraries to review the entire database of music scores, to enter firm orders, to review ordering activity, to check on the status of any order, to select titles in advance of ordering, and to e-mail title information.

Titles available on standing order can be found in OttoSerials, the

HARRASSOWITZ online management system for periodicals and continuations. OttoSerials can be used to search for all standing orders, to review invoices, to track latest volumes shipped, to enter and review the status of claims, and to enter new orders.

MARC 21 records can be supplied for firm orders, items sent on approval and for volumes shipped on standing order.

Electronic invoicing is provided in standard formats.

A full suite of management reports can be produced on a regular schedule or by request.

New publications and special offers are announced regularly on the website.

For more information, please Request a Service Document .


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