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ALCTS Announces 2015 Winner of HARRASSOWITZ Leadership in Library Acquisitions Award

HARRASSOWITZ and Ex Libris Collaborate to Streamline Library Operations



HARRASSOWITZ is a book and serials vendor for the academic and research library community, specializing in the distribution of scholarly books, periodicals, e-resources, and music scores.

Quality service is the HARRASSOWITZ primary commitment. It is based on the observance of the accepted international standards for book and subscription services to libraries, and it gains its continuing assurance from the satisfaction of our customers.

We specialize in service to academic and research libraries for the following types of materials:

  1. Periodical subscriptions, electronic and print
  2. Databases
  3. Standing orders, electronic and print
  4. E-books
  5. Monographs, electronic and print
  6. Book approval plans
  7. Music scores
  8. Music scores approval plans


The HARRASSOWITZ website describes in brief our services and products. For a full description of services HARRASSOWITZ customers and prospective customers may request one or more of our service documents, please write to service@harrassowitz.de or Request a Service Document .


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