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About OttoSerials

OttoSerials, HARRASSOWITZ’s online management system for periodicals and standing orders, simplifies the handling of print and electronic subscriptions for libraries. OttoSerials allows users to:

  1. Search and display bibliographic information, including subject classification, prices, dispatch information, formats, and availability
  2. Search and display components of memberships and packages
  3. Search and display library orders and claims
  4. Enter, update and cancel orders
  5. Claim electronic access and print issues
  6. Enter, display, and modify library contacts
  7. Enter, display, and modify e-resources related data via the E-Resource Profile
  8. Request and schedule management reports
  9. Review accounting information including PDF’s of invoices and credits
  10. Review notifications that have been sent to the library
  11. Customize the OttoSerials user interface
  12. New! OttoSerials Renewal Management – process annual renewal lists in real time and instantly submit renewal instructions to HARRASSOWITZ

Special features support the management of electronic journals, as part of HERMIS HARRASSOWITZ Electronic Resources Management and Information Solutions:

  1. Links to journal contents pages
  2. Links to publisher licenses
  3. Links to library’s signed licenses
  4. Tracking of license status
  5. Links to activation instructions for various e-journal providers Tracking of activation status
  6. Holdings and coverage data for the library’s own subscriptions
  7. Customized display for consortial purchases
  8. Links to publisher's usage information

OttoSerials is password-protected and is available to all registered HARRASSOWITZ customers. To apply for an OttoSerials account and to activate the new OttoSerials Renewal Management function, please contact service@harrassowitz.de.


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